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Our Products

JSW are supplying large forged and cast steel products, steel plates, pressure vessels for the chemical and petrochemical industries, and a wide range of industrial machinery.

Within the courses of its history of innovation tracing back to 1907, JSW entered the plastics machinery business in 1951 with the design and construction of Japan's first extruder.

Applications for compounding technology is not limited to conventional usage such as filler/ Master batch compounding, polymer alloy and GF/ CF compounding, but also to wide range of purpose. For example, reactive process, biomass compounding, LFT-D, supercritical carbon dioxide mixing and so on.

The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (JSW) has manufactured numerous Labyrinth Piston Type Compressors and other various types of compressors to meet with the specifications required by their users since 1920. JSW compressors designed and developed through their sufficient experiences and continued technical researches have displayed excellent performances in effective operation in the fields of various industries and acquired high appraisal among the users for their prominent dependability.

Devolatilizing extruder removes monomer/oligomer and solvent directly from polymer solution.This extruder can be applied to not only thermoplastics but also to synthetic rubber.

Dewatering extruder for plastics and elastomer extrusion process combines multi-staged process into single equipment for maximum efficiency.Expansion dewatering process requires less energy, less floor space and less investment than current conventional processes.

Two of the growing needs in the world today are for extraction of natural gas to meet clean energy demands, and for desalination plants to address the worldwide scarcity of water resources.

We have plenty of delivery experience to supply general purpose sheet machine to functional film machinery.Wide range of films are produced with JSW machine, including General Packaging, Optical Application, and energy related products.

As a leader in the industry, JSW provides a full line of injection molding machines, ranging from small to ultra-large models, which offer ease of operation, safety, and environment-friendly improvements such as energy- and space-saving features. Moreover, we offer technical support in line with customer needs, including consulting service and systems for factory automation. JSW has established a global network which covers the United States, Europe, and Asia, and put together a worldwide support system.

We deal with medium & large sized blow molding machine for PFT (plastic fuel tank for automobile and motorcycle) , spoiler for automobile, container etc. We have a variety of delivery results and get a high evaluation in response to the demand of the customers.

Among the facilities in oil refineries, our products are used in processes involving extremely harsh conditions. These include sulfur removal and conversion of heavy oil to lighter products ...

SM Platek

SM PLATEK CO.,LTD (hereinafter SMP) become a consolidated subsidiary of JSW as of May 8, 2015.