Devolatilizing Extruders

Clad Steel Plates and Pipes

The devolatilizing extruder (shown above) removes monomers/oligomers and solvents directly from a polymer solution/melt.
This extruder alsocan be applied to thermoplastics and to synthetic rubber applications.


・This process (shown above) removes most of the solvent with a flashing process at the feedi section, as well as using constant surface renewal at multiple downstream vent ports and gas removal from bubbled polymer created by the injection of stripping agents.

・This extruder can devolatilize a maximum 80% of the solvent that is in the polymer solution.

・JSW has developed this devolatilization technology by optimizing barrel and screw configurations and using auxiliaries (such as vent stuffers) to attain very low levels (ppm) of residual remaining in the polymer solution.