Dewatering Extruders

Dewatering Extruders

Dewatering extruder (Shown above) for a plastics or elastomer extrusion process combines a multi-staged process into a single piece of equipment for maximum overall efficiency.
The advantage of this dewatering process is that it requires less energy, less floor space and less investment than current conventional processes.


・Wet polymer can be dewatered to the level of several hundred ppm (via customer's request).

・Depending on the moisture content of the material, several dewatering barrels and vent barrels can be installed to achieve the suitable target value for the customer.

・Long vent barrel technology can be installed to the vent section of the extruder in order to prevent particle entrainment in the vapor stream.

・JSW can offer a suitable anti-corrosion/ anti-wear material to protect the screws & barrels (Upon customer's request).