Reciprocating Compressor

Reciprocating Compressor

The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (JSW) has manufactured numerous Labyrinth Piston Type Compressors and other various types of compressors to meet with the specifications required by their users since 1920. JSW compressors designed and developed through their sufficient experiences and continued technical researches have displayed excellent performances in effective operation in the fields of various industries and acquired high appraisal among the users for their prominent dependability.


[Oil free]
Labyrinth piston type compressor is complete oil free type, which is most suited for handling clean gases and complete dried gases. General oil free type compressors with PTFE made piston rings creates small particles in gas stream due to friction between piston rings and cylinder wall. Oil free type compressor with Labyrinth Piston creates no such small particles.

[No heat created by friction]
Labyrinth piston type compressor is most suited for handling combustible gases (O2 etc.) liable to be ignited by heat created by friction. Numerous JSW Labyrinth Piston Type compressors displayed excellent performances with high safety appraisal in the fields of air separation plant in all over the world.

[No effect by small objects]
Labyrinth piston type compressor is most suited for handling recycled gases at the Poly-olefin plant liable to be mixed with mist, dust and etc. Small powders and catalysts in recycled gases go through between piston and cylinder. Therefore, piston has no abnormal friction.

Labyrinth piston type compressor is most suited for a continuous long time operation. Labyrinth piston has a long lifetime, and its maintenance cost is low compared with piston ring that must be replaced periodically due to continuous wear.

Therefore, JSW Labyrinth Piston Type Compressor is applied to the various fields of industries.
- Petrochemical industries, Chemical industries, Oil refinery, Air separation plant, Synthetic gases, Liquefied gases tank yard - Iron and steel industries, Fertilizer industries, Food industries

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