Technical Center

JSW Technical Center in Farmington Hills, MI, is open for performance trials using your materials on our TEX44 alpha III with LIW gravimetric feeders ,vacuum pump and pelletizing ( Strand Cut and Under Water Cut) systems., and TEX28V as a lab extruder was set up in our facility We have an exceptional amount of process expertise, and world-class process engineer onsite to help with all of our customer’s needs.

The technical center was first opened in Indianapolis in 2003 and relocated from Indianapolis to Novi, Michigan in 2006. In 2015, with new TEX44 alpha III and TEX28V, we opened new technical center in Farmington Hills. Our extruders and equipment were upgrade so that we can conduct devolatilization and dewatering trials. JSW has the trial capabilities for devolatilization and dewatering at both Farmington Hills, MI the U.S. and Hiroshima, Japan.

JSW's Polymer Processing Technology Development Center in Hiroshima is one of the world's leading plastics processing research facilities in the world. The Extrusion Division at the technology center in Hiroshima Japan has more than 14 extruders installed; this allows us to perform a wide variety of trials for production and product development.

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