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Large Size
Electric Servo Drive Injection Molding Machine

JSW, one of the industry's original leading companys, has extensive experience in manufacturing large electric injection molding machines ranging from 550 to 3000 metric tonnes.

Our second-generation large electric servo drive molding machine promises to deliver measurable improvements in productivity, quality, and economy.

The most recent improvements have retained our time-proven toggle clamping unit, which has always delivered faster cycle times and unparalleled energy savings.

  Faster Cycle Performance

Quicker dry cycle, substantially improving productivity

  • 20% improvement in platen speed further reduces dry cycle time.
  • Product removal time reduced via ejector speed improvements.
  • High-precision stabilized molding achieved through high-rigidity clamping unit.

  Phenomenal Energy Savings

AD Series provides industry-leading energy savings plus substantial cycle-time reductions.

  • 60% reduction in power consumption; 92t/yr reduction in CO2.
  • Through power supply regenerating function, approximately 8% of power supply is regenerated in mold open/close process.

  JSW's Original Control Enables Precision Molding

Standard Equipment

  • HAVC (High Accuracy Volume Control).
  • Reverse Seal Control.
  • IWCS (Injection Weight and Cushion Stability) Control.
  • Clamp Force Feedback Control.
  • Injection Compression Molding.
  • Foaming Molding Control.

LITERATURE (available as downloadable PDFs)

Product Guidance

Large AD Specifications (550-1800 metric tonnes)

Large AD Specifications (550-1800 metric tonnes)

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